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The Prophecy of Israel:

[20:113] We thus revealed it, an Arabic Quran, and we cited in it all kinds of prophecies, that they may be saved, or it may cause them to take heed.

The fate of the children of Israel has become so much connected with that of America in our time, Quran as a book that records events from the past and the future confirms this fact and moreover reveals a surprising prophecy that the fall of the children of Israel will be, God willing on the hands of their best ally America.

 Chapter 17, The Children of Israel

[17:4] We addressed the Children of Israel in the scripture: "You will commit gross evil on earth, twice. You are destined to fall into great heights of arrogance.

The First Prophecy:

[17:5] "When the first promise came to pass, we sent against you servants of ours who possessed great might, they invaded your homes. The prophecy was indeed fulfilled.

[17:6] "Afterwards, we gave you a turn over them, and we supplied you with a lot of wealth and children; we gave you the upper hand.

The Second Prophecy:

[17:7] "If you work righteousness, you work righteousness for your own good, but if you commit evil you do so to your own detriment. Thus, when the second promise comes to pass, they will defeat you and enter the masjid, just as they did the first time. They will wipe out all the gains you had accomplished."

[17:8] Your Lord showers you with His mercy. But if you revert to transgression, we will counter with retribution. We have designated Gehenna as a final abode for the disbelievers.

Explanation and Proof:

 [17:4] We addressed the Children of Israel in the scripture: "You will commit gross evil on earth, twice. You are destined to fall into great heights of arrogance.

The Children of Israel were sent a prophet, Jesus who delivered them the above prophecy that they will turn arrogant and because of their corruption will be punished by God in Jerusalem. However they didn't accept Jesus or the prophecies he delieverd (the great tribulation,Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 21)

Quran being the final testament, confirms and explains that this prophecy will be fulfilled twice. Two times the Jews will turn arrogant and commit vast corruption on Earth, and thus will icur God's retribution.

The First Promise of retribution for the Jews:

  • 1- Who are these servants who invaded the children of Israel the first time?

[17:5] "When the first promise came to pass, we sent against you servants of ours who possessed great might, they invaded your homes. The promise was indeed fulfilled.

The keyword that gives us the identity of  those who invaded the homes of the children of Israel is "Ibaadan Lana = Servants of ours", this keyword has a TGV = (104+6+3+16+3/65+89+3) =  289, i was inspired that these servants were the Romans, the following proof confirms:

Ibaadan Lana (servants of ours) + Alroom (The Romans) = 289 + 414 = 703 = 19 x 37

To confirm the above relation let's add this time the values of the whole term (Servants of ours who possess great might),TGV= (
104+6+3+16+3/65+89+3/3+39+65+48/6+3+87/334+16+48+16) = 954

"Servants of ours who possess great might" + the Romans = 954 + 414 = 1368 = 19 x 72

Moreover the last word in the term used to describe the might of  these servants is the adjective "Shadeed = Severe or great" in Arabic, this word amazingly has the TGV = (334+16+48+16) = 414, thus again pointing to the Romans.

History recorded the fulfilment of the first prophecy

This event is recorded in history, when the Romans led by Titus (TGV.988=19x52) invaded Judea and destroyed Jerusalem and the Temple. It was a direct result of rejecting God's message (through Jesus) and supporting their inherited traditions (Early Talmud) instead and killing the prophets. This culminated in violating their covenant with the Romans and a revolt that started the war 66 AD. Historians report that no Christians were hurt by the destruction of Jerusalem because they heeded the warnings of God through Jesus in their scripture and fled from the city before the mighty Romans came to destroy according to God's will.
Around 1,100,000 were killed , 97,000 more were taken captive by the Romans. Jerusalem was destroyed completely along with the temple.

Destruction of Jerusalem 70 AD

Accounts by a Jewish eyewitnes of the destruction of Jerusalem and the temple:
"The history of the destruction of Jerusalem" by Josephus Flavious:

God supported Titus and his troops against the Jews of that time because they fell into a great height of arrogance, in the words of Titus to his soldiers reported by Flavious Josephus, he said to his troops:

"O fellow soldiers, ....And let my first argument to move you to it be taken from what probably some would think reasonable to dissuade you, I mean the constancy and patience of these Jews, even under their ill successes; for it is unbecoming you, who are Romans and my soldiers, who have in peace been taught how to make wars, and who have also been used to conquer in those wars, to be inferior to Jews, either in action of the hand, or in courage of the soul, and this especially when you are at the conclusion of your victory, and are assisted by God himself; for as to our misfortunes, they have been owing to the madness of the Jews,
while their sufferings have been owing to your valor, and to the assistance God hath afforded you; for as to the seditions they have been in, and the famine they are under, and the siege they now endure, and the fall of their walls without our engines, what can they all be but demonstrations of God's anger against them, and of his assistance afforded us?
It will not therefore be proper for you, either to show yourselves inferior to those to whom you are really superior, or to betray that Divine assistance which is afforded you."

After the destruction of Jerusalem and the temple, Titus addressed the Jews telling them how they brought it upon themselves:

"You have been the men that have never left off rebelling since Pompey first conquered you, and have, since that time, made open war with the Romans. Have you depended on your multitude, while a very small part of the Roman soldiery have been strong enough for you? Have you relied on the fidelity of your confederates? And what nations are there, out of the limits of our dominion, that would choose to assist the Jews before the Romans? Are your bodies stronger than ours? nay, you know that the [strong] Germans themselves are our servants. Have you stronger walls than we have? Pray, what greater obstacle is there than the wall of the ocean, with which the Britons are encompassed, and yet do adore the arms of the Romans.
Do you exceed us in courage of soul, and in the sagacity of your commanders? Nay, indeed, you cannot but know that the very Carthaginians have been conquered by us.
It can therefore be nothing certainly but the kindness of us Romans which hath excited you against us; who, in the first place, have given you this land to possess; and, in the next place, have set over you kings of your own nation; and, in the third place, have preserved the laws of your forefathers to you, and have withal permitted you to live, either by yourselves, or among others, as it should please you:
and, what is our chief favor of all we have given you leave to gather up that tribute which is paid to God with such other gifts that are dedicated to him; nor have we called those that carried these donations to account, nor prohibited them; till at length you became richer than we ourselves, even when you were our enemies; and you made preparations for war against us with our own money; nay, after all, when you were in the enjoyment of all these advantages, you turned your too great plenty against those that gave it you, and, like merciless serpents, have thrown out your poison against those that treated you kindly."

"You sent embassies to those of your nation that are beyond Euphrates to assist you in your raising disturbances; new walls were built by you round your city, seditions arose, and one tyrant contended against another, and a civil war broke out among you; such indeed as became none but so wicked a people as you are."

Titus shows how many times he offered the Jews peace but they refused:

"I then came to this city, as unwillingly sent by my father, and received melancholy injunctions from him. When I heard that the people were disposed to peace, I rejoiced at it; I exhorted you to leave off these proceedings before I began this war; I spared you even when you had fought against me a great while; I gave my right hand as security to the deserters; I observed what I had promised faithfully. When they fled to me, I had compassion on many of those that I had taken captive; I tortured those that were eager for war, in order to restrain them. It was unwillingly that I brought my engines of war against your walls; I always prohibited my soldiers, when they were set upon your slaughter, from their severity against you. After every victory I persuaded you to peace, as though I had been myself conquered.
When I came near your temple, I again departed from the laws of war, and exhorted you to spare your own sanctuary, and to preserve your holy house to yourselves. I allowed you a quiet exit out of it, and security for your preservation; nay, if you had a mind, I gave you leave to fight in another place. Yet have you still despised every one of my proposals, and have set fire to your holy house with your own hands. And now, vile wretches, do you desire to treat with me by word of mouth? To what purpose is it that you would save such a holy house as this was, which is now destroyed? What preservation can you now desire after the destruction of your temple? Yet do you stand still at this very time in your armor; nor can you bring yourselves so much as to pretend to be supplicants even in this your utmost extremity.
O miserable creatures! what is it you depend on? Are not your people dead? is not your holy house gone? is not your city in my power? and are not your own very lives in my hands? And do you still deem it a part of valor to die? However, I will not imitate your madness. If you throw down your arms, and deliver up your bodies to me, I grant you your lives; and I will act like a mild master of a family; what cannot be healed shall be punished, and the rest I will preserve for my own use."

How did the Jews respond to his last offer!"

To that offer of Titus they made this reply: That they could not accept of it, because they had sworn never to do so; but they desired they might have leave to go through the wall that had been made about them, with their wives and children; for that they would go into the desert, and leave the city to him. At this Titus had great indignation, that when they were in the case of men already taken captives, they should pretend to make their own terms with him, as if they had been conquerors. So he ordered this proclamation to be made to them, That they should no more come out to him as deserters, nor hope for any further security; for that he would henceforth spare nobody, but fight them with his whole army; and that they must save themselves as well as they could; for that he would from henceforth treat them according to the laws of war. So he gave orders to the soldiers both to burn and to plunder the city; who did nothing indeed that day; but on the next day they set fire to the repository of the archives, to Acra, to the council-house, and to the place called Ophlas; at which time the fire proceeded as far as the palace of queen Helena, which was in the middle of Acra; the lanes also were burnt down, as were also those houses that were full of the dead bodies of such as were destroyed by famine.

Titus says on seeing the vast towers the Jewish tyrants built out of transgression in the upper city:

"We have certainly had God for our assistant in this war, and it was no other than God who ejected the Jews out of these fortifications; for what could the hands of men or any machines do towards overthrowing these towers?" Titus

Josephus, the Jewish eyewitness had this to say of his own people:

Flavius Josephus

"I cannot refrain from saying what my emotions bids me. It seems to me that if the Romans had proven powerless against the sinner, the city (Jerusalem) would have been engulfed by an earthquake or flood, or it would have shared the thunderbolts of Sodom, for it had brought forth a generation more ungodly than these. Because of the folly of these men, the entire nation perished." Josephus


2- What happened next ?

The first prophecy (promise) above happened as a punishment for the Jewish people who turned arrogant and crossed the threshold that brings God's wrath on the transgressors. It was a result of a long history of violating their covenants. They violated their covenant with God, desecrated the Sabbath, deserted the Torah in favor of the oral laws (fabricated by their rabbis), and killed their messengers and prophets (e.g: Jesus). They also violated their covenants with every country they lived in. They did it with the Romans in 66AD, and waged a direct war against them. And since the beginning of the 19th century, the Jews (Judaism is a religion and not a race) again betrayed the trust of their hosts, they betrayed the Germans and brought their defeat in world war I when they made a deal with Great Britain to bring the US to their help against the Germans (who by that time were offering peace to the defeated England), this brought the persecution of the Jews in Germany which was a natural result of their betrayal.

God yet still gave them another chance to repent and reform. After the fulfilment of the first prophecy (70AD) God gave them the upper hand.
[17:6]  "Afterwards, we gave you a turn over them, and we supplied you with a lot of wealth and children; we gave you the upper hand.

Starting from this verse on, the modern Romans (America) start to appear. As noted before on the "prophecy of America", in Quran, America and the Romans share the same Chapter, and the same TGV.414. 
The Jews of today have indeed been given the upper hand over the modern Romans "America", they control the politics through their active lobbies, control the media through their ownership of the movie industry, the news channels, and the newspapers and magazines, and above all the Jewish bankers control the economy of the world through America. All of this is in accordance with God's will for the Jews, for when God wants to punish someone once and forall, He leads him on in order to reach the threshold of transgression and incur his just requital.

[19:75] Say, "Those who choose to go astray, the Most Gracious will lead them on, until they see what is promised for them - either the retribution or the Hour.That is when they find out who really is worse off, and weaker in power."

The wicked Jews (of course not all Jewish people are evil) were driven by a satanic promise of the "promised land of Palestine" to do everything they could to bring about that dream, thus they sold the Germans out to the English in order to set a foothold in Palestine (The Balfour Declaration).
But all of this mass emigration to Israel happened and is happening in accordance with God's will, He is gathering the same kind of people who violated their covenants with the Romans, in Jerusalem to be destroyed by their new hosts (America) whom they also have betrayed in the same manner as they betrayed God and the Romans.

[17:104] And we said to the Children of Israel afterwards, "Go live into this land. When the final promise comes to pass, we will summon you all in one group."

The Final Prophecy :


[17:7] "If you work righteousness, you work righteousness for your own good, but if you commit evil you do so to your own detriment.  Thus, when the second promise comes to pass, they will defeat you and enter the masjid, just as they did the first time. They will wipe out all the gains you had accomplished."

Since it is God's system that whoever commits evil does so to his own detriment, the Jews will have to face the consequences of the corruption they have spread on earth, one of the main violations is accepting the Satanic laws of the Talmud. The Jews have a famous prayer that they recite on the eve of the Day of Atonement "the Kol Nidre":

 "All vows , obligations, oaths, and anathemas, whether called 'ḳonam,' 'ḳonas,' or by any other name, which we may vow, or swear, or pledge, or whereby we may be bound, from this Day of Atonement until the next (whose happy coming we await), we do repent. May they be deemed absolved, forgiven, annulled, and void, and made of no effect; they shall not bind us nor have power over us. The vows shall not be reckoned vows; the obligations shall not be obligatory; nor the oaths be oaths."

Thus the Jewish rabbis have literally given authorization for any Jew to violate his covenants!, this trait of the Jews in general (excluding the righteous) has been prevalent in their history allover the world, of the many countries they have betrayed their trust. And because of this, America will very soon God willing according to the prophecy recognize the deception and rise against the Jews, same like the Germans did but when it was too late.

In the above verse God gives us the final prophecy for the Children of Israel stated in the scriptures,

 Thus, when the second promise comes to pass, they will defeat you and enter the masjid, just as they did the first time. They will wipe out all the gains you had accomplished.

The verse says "as they did the first time", God speaks of the same entity "the Romans" and we have seen how their TGV links the ancient Romans with the modern Romans, America. Thus the Romans who fulfilled the first prophecy in 70 AD, will again (now America) fuflill the second prophecy in the same manner, "wiping out all the gains the Jews had accomplished" in Israel. The Jewish temple that had been destroyed the first time by the Romans is now a Muslim Masjid (in Arabic means "Place of prostration", mosque), that may explain the use of "Masjid" instead of a temple or synagogue.

The prophecy of America (Chapter 30) of the Quake 11.9.2022 is linked with the fulfilment of the second promise of retribution to the children of Israel.

The prophecy of America is in verse [30:3], and the above prophecy of Israel is [17:7] , therefore:

30 + 3 + 17 + 7 = 57 = 19 x 3

Then God states His never changing law again:

[17:8] Your Lord showers you with His mercy. But if you revert to transgression, we will counter with retribution. We have designated Gehenna as a final abode for the disbelievers.

Nowadays we hear of the word "Antisemitism", this accusation has been efficiently used by the Jews to silence any criticism justified or not.
When God speaks about the Children of Israel or the Jewish people in Quran, it doesn't mean a "race", it means a dogma, a religion based on the Talmud that attracts similar minded people (e.g: the Khazars), thus the claim that the modern Jews are not related to the biblical Jews is void of meaning.

It's all about the heart's orientation, and the ideas embraced. Many Jews are righteous though, many of them accept Jesus as a prophet and follow the Bible alone, many of them denounce the Talmoud and the state of Israel. The righteous among them will readily accept God's final testament, Quarn which confirms what has been given to them.

[3:199] Surely, some followers of the previous scriptures do believe in GOD, and in what was revealed to you, and in what was revealed to them. They reverence GOD, and they never trade away GOD's revelations for a cheap price. These will receive their recompense from their Lord. GOD is the most efficient in reckoning.

Now to connect the three pieces of the prophecy (America, Israel, USN) together, please check the following file:

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