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In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful          

Satan, the rejected

(Note: This article is based on the message delivered by the messenger of the covenant, Rashad Khalifa in his authorized translation)

1- Satan
2- The Feud
3- First chance of redemption (The angels)
4- Second chance of redemption
    (Other creatures than the humans and the jinns)
5- Final chance  (This life)
6- The original sin  (What brought us here)

Satan's greatest trick is to make people think he doesn't exist !, because then there will be no resistance against him. The truth is he is hiding behind the scenes, controling the majority of mankind, and moving them like puppets to achieve his agenda. He is granted control only over those who follow him.

1- Who is satan ?

Enemy Number One
[43:62] Let not the devil repel you; he is your most ardent enemy.

Satan was one of innumerable angels living in Heaven, enjoying God's infinite mercy and provisions. They were not robots, nor were they forced to serve God, they were all devoted to God out of love, gratitude and reverence of his absolute majesty and power. Untill Satan oneday, duped by his God given powers, started admiring himself and his abilities, he thought that he is the source of his powers and not God, he became his own god.

(Satan saw power in the creatures independent of their Creator)

In Quran, we have an example of Satan's condition, Qaroon, whom God granted vast wealth :

[28:78] He said, "I attained all this because of my own cleverness." Did he not realize that GOD had annihilated before him generations that were much stronger than he, and greater in number? The (annihilated) transgressors were not asked about their crimes.

God knew what's developing in Satan's mind, so in order to expose him and put the heavenly society in the test, He created Adam (and Eve cloned from him), but their bodies weren't visible to them untill later. God then ordered all the angels (including Satan) to fall prostrate before Adam (which means to serve him from then on), all the angels obeyed except Satan, and that was his disastrous response,

[7:11] We created you, then we shaped you, then we said to the angels, "Fall prostrate before Adam." They fell prostrate, except Iblees (Satan); he was not with the prostrators.

[7:12] He said, "What prevented you from prostrating when I ordered you?" He said, "I am better than he; You created me from fire, and created him from mud."

When we forget God  and start relating our powers and works to us instead of Him, we are actually worshiping ourselves:

[53:32] They avoid gross sins and transgressions, except for minor offenses. Your Lord's forgiveness is immense. He has been fully aware of you since He initiated you from the earth, and while you were embryos in your mothers' bellies. Therefore, do not exalt yourselves; He is fully aware of the reverent.

Beacause Satan worships himself besides God, he believes he is the best creature ever and nobody could be better than him, that's why he refused to serve Adam and obey God, he was exposed by the test of Adam.

Scene # 1: "I am better than he"

This horrendous statment of Satan is the source of all evil on earth, the cause of dehumanization, oppression, bullying, violence, racism and war .
Under God, there is no place for exalting oneself, only God exalts according to one criteria, not nationality, gender, race, wealth or skill, God's criteria for distinguishing between people is reverence,

[49:13] O people, we created you from the same male and female, and rendered you distinct peoples and tribes, that you may recognize one another. The best among you in the sight of GOD is the most reverent. GOD is Omniscient, Cognizant.

Jealousy, a result of exalting oneself above all others

Out of jealousy, satan swore that he will send us all astray, except the few who are devoted absolutely to God alone.

[17:62] He said, "Since You have honored him over me, if You respite me till the Day of Resurrection, I will possess all his descendants, except a few."

Satan's temporary dominion: Earth

[2:30] Recall that your Lord said to the angels, "I am placing a representative (a temporary god) on Earth." They said, "Will You place therein one who will spread evil therein and shed blood, while we sing Your praises, glorify You, and uphold Your absolute authority?" He said, "I know what you do not know."

God granted Satan a respite till the day of resurrection, he is to serve as a temporary god on earth ,as a final test for all the rebels who followed him (a minute number of the innumerable angels), as for the true believers he has no power over them.

[15:36] He said, "My Lord, respite me until the day they are resurrected." [15:37] He said, "You are respited [15:38] "Until the specified day and time." [15:39] He said, "My Lord, since You have willed that I go astray, I will surely entice them on earth; I will send them all astray. [15:40] "Except those among Your worshipers who are devoted absolutely to You alone." [15:41] He said, "This is a law that is inviolable. [15:42] "You have no power over My servants. You only have power over the strayers who follow you. [15:43] "And Hell awaits them all.

The feud in the heavenly society

[38:67] Say, "Here is awesome news. [38:68] "That you are totally oblivious to. [38:69] "I had no knowledge previously, about the feud in the High Society.

When Satan rebelled against God and disobeyed his order of serving Adam, he started spreading a vicious idea among the heavenly society that the creatures around them, themselves and him have a power independent of God (which means they are the source of it), what exposed him was the test of Adam, when he said (i am better than he), this horrendous statement comes from a total shift in belief, none of the angels or the heavenly society ever dared to ascribe any power to other than God, when Satan did and ascribed power to himself (i am better than he), he stepped out of the line and developed a new center (a god besides God).

The First Chance of redemption

The vast majority of the innumerable creatures  refused to follow this new god or accept his blasphemious idea, they had a firm belief that only God is the source of power (skill, knowledge, looks....and all provisions), and that's why they willingly worshiped Him alone (thus they took the first chance to redeem themselves), they are the angels.

As for the minority of rebels who started having doubts about this idea (they said maybe Satan is right!), they added more heat to the feud, so God knowing their inner most thoughts, and out of His mercy, He decided to give them another chance to repent and reform,  He offered them the trust (Al Amaana) which is the freedom of  choice on Satan's dominion, where they will be subjected to continous temptations by Satan in his trying to prove his ability of being a god besides God, because since this minority of rebels had doubts about God's absolute power and authority, its better if they go study and check the competence of that new god, in order to settle the doubts in their minds and choose either Satan or God once and forall.

The Second chance of redemption

The vast majority of this minority of rebels were scared of taking this chance away of God's mercy, they were already perfectly happy and safe in heaven enjoying God's infinite blessings, provisions and mercy, they refused the offer and took the chance to repent but according to God's system of justice they had to pay a price first (for harboring doubts during the first chance of redemption) in order to be redeemed back to Heaven, they had to perform submissive roles on earth and in the universe as an expiation of their blasphemy. This majority are all the creatures scattered around the universe and on earth other than the angels, humans and jinns (e.g: Planets, particles, plants, animals...etc). Only the human being accepted to take this chance to see and decide if Satan is really capable of doing anything independent of God !.

[33:72] We have offered the responsibility (freedom of choice) to the heavens and the earth, and the mountains, but they refused to bear it, and were afraid of it. But the human being accepted it; he was transgressing, ignorant.

Last chance of redemption

Only the human beings accepted the earthly test !, a drop in the ocean of creatures decided to take the challenge and see a live demonstration of Satan's claim, whether he can grant them satisfaction and security or not. God seeing their heart's direction, and their tendency to follow Satan besides him, ordered all the Jinns (Satan's tribe) and all the Humans (who were undecided) to go down to earth (a drop in the ocean of planets), (willingly) to study, contemplate and reach a final decision, and to ensure that the rebels will get a fair chance, God did two things,

1- He summoned all the humans (as souls) and made them bear witness that He has absolute power and control over all things, He is the only God, everyone of us bore witness on that before we came to earth,(thus worshipping God alone is a natural instinct).

[7:172] Recall that your Lord summoned all the descendants of Adam, and had them bear witness for themselves: "Am I not your Lord?" They all said, "Yes. We bear witness." Thus, you cannot say on the Day of Resurrection, "We were not aware of this." 

As for the Jinn beings (the creatures who sided with Satan), they are given longer life span and more powers of moving freely in the universe to study and reach a decision)

God also gave a warning to us all through Adam not to worship satan,

[20:117] We then said, "O Adam, this is an enemy of you and your wife. Do not let him evict you from Paradise, lest you become miserable.

[36:60] Did I not covenant with you, O Children of Adam, that you shall not worship the devil? That he is your most ardent enemy?

2- Moreover because He is the Merciful one,  He decided to send us guidance through His messengers (scriptures and human messengers) to remind us of the truth which is deep rooted inside each one of us. So everytime a baby is to be born, a human soul as well as a Jinn companion are assigned to that body, after perfect calculation and design of all the conditions surrounding this baby, from the gender, nationality, family, dominant culture....etc so that this soul could get a fair chance, specially tailored to suit its level of doubts before it came here on earth, its a perfectly calculated test.

The original sin that brought us here

God gave us a demonstration of how Satan duped our father Aadam, (which is a test that everybody took and failed as in [17:60] so that we could reflect on it, since we have no recollection of  what brought us here (the original sin of following Satan, and thinking he might be right),

[7:19] "As for you, Adam, dwell with your wife in Paradise, and eat therefrom as you please, but do not approach this one tree, lest you fall in sin." [7:20] The devil whispered to them, in order to reveal their bodies, which were invisible to them. He said, "Your Lord did not forbid you from this tree, except to prevent you from becoming angels, and from attaining eternal existence." [7:21] He swore to them, "I am giving you good advice." [7:22] He thus duped them with lies. As soon as they tasted the tree, their bodies became visible to them, and they tried to cover themselves with the leaves of Paradise. Their Lord called upon them: "Did I not enjoin you from that tree, and warn you that the devil is your most ardent enemy?" [7:23] They said, "Our Lord, we have wronged our souls, and unless You forgive us and have mercy on us, we will be losers." [7:24] He said, "Go down as enemies of one another. On earth shall be your habitation and provision for awhile." [7:25] He said, "On it you will live, on it you will die, and from it you will be brought out." [7:26] O children of Adam, we have provided you with garments to cover your bodies, as well as for luxury. But the best garment is the garment of reverence. These are some of GOD's signs, that they may take heed

O children of Adam, do not let the devil dupe you as he did when he caused the eviction of your parents from Paradise, and the removal of their garments to expose their bodies. He and his tribe see you, while you do not see them. We appoint the devils as companions of those who do not believe.

We learn three important things from the above verses:

A) Satan's polythiestic ideology is focused on ascribing powers to visible things (the visible world) rather than to the unseen (God), that's why he said " [20:120] But the devil whispered to him, saying, "O Adam, let me show you the tree of eternity and unending kingship.", he lied on himself, and believed his lie that the tree has a power independent of God to give eternal life. All the Satanic whispers are a replay of one of the two main scenes in history, 1- The ( i am better than he) scene, from where discrimination, violence and war start., 2- Or the ( the tree which is a symbol of the visible world and how it delluded Adam) scene, for the test on earth is about denying any power in things or people to harm or benefit us, and ascribing and relating all power to God alone.

B) In verse [7:26] God gives us a clue to the reason why Satan (the companion of Adam) wanted to reveal Adam and Eve's bodies to them (the physical world), God says that the best garment is the garment of reverence, Adam and Eve stayed in Heaven as long as they maintained their reverence of God, once they listened to Satan and started seeing a power in a creature (the tree), they lost their garment of reverence by obeying Satan against God's command (thus taking him as a god besides God) and their bodies became visible to them (thus Satan's aim was to make them lose their garment of reverence, allegorically stated as (he wanted to reveal their bodies to them).

C) We start anew on earth, because God redeemed us all as He did to our father Adam and our mother Eve, we were forgiven for the original sin, the record starts from zero on earth, there is no inheritance of sin from the past, every minute is a new chance for you to start  as pure and  truthful as the day you were born.

But the test requires that a Jinn companion is to constantly introduce his father's Satan polytheistic ideas of ascribing powers to creatures rather than God, its true that the most important war is fought within.

[35:6] The devil is your enemy, so treat him as an enemy. He only invites his party to be the dwellers of Hell.