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In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful          

  The Quake 2019

 Ahmad Nishitoba & 119

Salaamun 'alaykum
  peace          upon you

The following proofs should be sufficient for those who still have doubts about the date of the Quake, 119, but when you verify them please bear in mind that no creature has any control over his name nor the days of the year.

 1- My name is Ahmad Nishitoba (because i am half Egyptian and half Japanese, my first name is Arabic, while my surname is Japanese), let's take a closer look.

Ahmad = TGV. 118
Nishitoba = TGV. 992
Ahmad Nishitoba = 1110

11-------------------- 119 ------------------ 1110
                    Ahmad                                                            Quake                                              Ahmad Nishitoba

God be glorified, this amazing arrangement is but to reassure our hearts that the prophecy will surely come to pass as per God's promise. As you can see my name has always pointed to the date, Ahmad has a numerical value of 118 and my full name Ahmad Nishitoba has a value of 1110, thus sandwiching the date of the Quake in between.

Amazingly also both my first name and surname point to chapter 99 which is titled 'The Quake'.

Ahmad = 118 = 99 + 19 
(Chapter 'The Quake' carrying the prophecy that 19 confirms)

Nishitoba = 992 = 99 + (19x47)  
(points to the fulfilment of the first two verses of chapter 99 God willing)

[99:1] When the earth is severely quaked.

[99:2] And the earth ejects its loads.

 2- Not only that, but also the very date 119 points to the name of the messenger chosen by God to deliver the prophecy of God's kingdom on earth initiated by a great Quake.

(As you may know Rashad Khalifa discovered the basic system of numerical values for the Arabic Alphabet, which is the Gematrial value system (Gv.), God blessed us further and revealed through me the main system which is the TGV or the total gematrial value system)

119   =   66   +   53
                                                       The date             God             Ahmad

The above equation says it clearly, God (Allaah in Arabic, Gv.66) suffices as a witness that the date of the prophecy comes from Him through a messenger by the name of Ahmad (Gv.53).

[48:28]  He is the One who sent His messenger with the guidance and the religion of truth,
to make it prevail over all other religions.
GOD suffices as a witness.