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In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful          

     The Quake 2019

911 & 119

Salaamun 'alaykum
Peace          upon you

As you may have witnessed in the previous proofs, there is an uncanny relation between the warning event of 9,11 and the Event 1,19.

1- Chapter (Sura) 99 in Quran is titled 'Al-Zalzala' or 'The Quake'

  99 = 11 x 9 

So as you can see the factors of 99 are 11 and 9, thus the number of the chapter has always carried the prophecy to be revealed through me, the arrangment of these two numbers 9 and 11 also hints to the role of the event.

911: 9 is a chapter titled 'Ultimatum' in Quran, while 11 points to the result of this ultimatum, 1 god, 1 religion (Submission) dominating the whole world.

119: Here since this time it is the Event itself that will bring Victory for God's religion, the numbers get rearranged to point to the One, God and His signature on the whole universe, 19.

To reassure our hearts God further gives us more confirmation that these numbers are not haphazardly chosen.

99 + 11 + 9 = 119

Thus revealing that the real Event, of the Quake will be known as 119 and not 911. We can see that 911 served two main purposes, on one hand it has woke up millions of Americans to the sad fact that they are controlled by some corrupt leaders who care about nothing except profit and power, those Americans as well as millions around the world are now in the painfull process of realizing the magnitude of deception that has been applied on them by their complicit governements.

So you can see that in the few years since 911, many dictators have fallen around the world, the people are indeed waking up, as for Satan and his agents they are in a desperate attempt to consolidate their disintegrating hold on power. This phase (from 9/11/01 to 11/9/19) is very important for it prepares the stage for the final blow to Satan's kingdom, and also prepares the people to accept the new paradigm of freedom and 'God alone'.