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The 5 Pillars of Submission

Submission is built on 5 pillars, these 5 pillars along with Quran, the final testament is all what you need for salvation.

As you can see from the diagram above, the first main pillar upon which all the other pillars depend is bearing witness that there is no god except God.

The five pillars form one unit in God's numerical system that governs the whole universe, as follows:
1- AlShahaadaTGV 490      ("Testimony", bearing witness that  "There is no god except God")
2- AlSalaaTGV 330             (The contact prayer)
3- AlSiyaam : TGV 318             (Fasting)
4- AlZakaa : TGV 221               ( Obligatory charity )
5- AlHajj Wal 'UmrahTGV 655        (Hajj & 'Umrah, Pilgrimage once in a lifetime, for those who can afford it)

Total = 2014 = 19 x 106

P.S: Note that the TGVs are calculated according to the Quranic spelling of the above distinct words, e.g: Alshahaada as in [6:19], AlSalaah [2:3], AlSiyaam [2:183], AlZakaah [2:43], AlHajj Wal 'Umrah [2:196].

La Illaaha Illa Allaah
There is no god except God
The first pillar, Shahadah (Testimony) connects together the 4 other pillars and gives them meaning.
"There is no god except God" simply means that the only reality there is, is God, other than God there is nobody and nothing that has any power.
All the visible powers of the creatures around us, and even of ourselves are nothing but an illusion, all these powers of harm or benefit (e.g: power of money, power of status, power of looks, skills...etc) are from one source, God.
Thus if we realize this simple truth and submit to it, we will rarely be worried, afraid or obsessed with anything/anyone because we will always relate the powers to the Most Gracious alone. We will be appreciative of Him alone.

To begin the journey of Submission, one must realize this simple and profound fact that only God can harm or benefit. And to keep him or her in this state of mind always, the Most Gracious sent us a gift through Abraham to help us stay God-centered.

The 4 pillars are a gift because they help us remember our Lord, and without this remebrance we are vulnerable to idolize other things and people (by assigning powers to them) and eventually lose our happiness because of depending on an idol that is not stable, and that can not help us or harm us in anyway.

The contact prayer is designed in such a way that keep us in a constant state of remembering God, appreciating and reverencing His majesty. The way it is spread over the whole day is precisely calculated, our Designer knows exactly at what time of the day we need 2 units, and at what time we need 3 and 4, the numbers of units are not haphazard, nor their timings.
If you reflect on how the 5 prayers are divided over the 24 hours, you may see that they are focused around the mid-day period, which is when we are most active (e.g:business, family, work) and thus more apt to forget God and lose sight of Him.

Thus whenever our centers shift to something or someone else than God, the next prayer shifts it back to God. For example if after we performed the Noon prayer, we got busy at work and business and started idolizing moeny, boss, our skills...etc the Afternoon prayer soon comes to bring us back to the straight path. Every prayer is like a new beginning, it purifies us, nourishes our souls and charges our spiritual batteries to carry on in accordance with God's will.

The obligatory charity (Zakaa) also serves the same principal. Because money is adorned to the human being, Satan intensifies our love for money through his whispers, and many people fall in this trap of idolizing money, which means to relate the power of the money to the money itself instead of God. That's why the need for an obligatory charity to remind us whenever we get any income that it is from God, and not because of our skills, or our boss' generousity..etc. Thus our center in this way will always be with God, and will never shift to money.

Fasting for one month every year is another way to enhance our self-control and keep us balanced on the straight path of Submission. In that sense, it is also derived from the core pillar (There is no god except God), this time we are being trained to resist other strong centers (body, food and Sex), which makes us more able to control our bodily sinful lusts intensified by Satan's whispers.

Pilgrimage, is a once in a life time opportunity to connect with all the other submitters and symbolically proclaim collectively that we have only one center, one god, thus the circling of Kaaba (God's shrine in Mecca) symbolically stands for this profound concept, Submission to God alone.

Note how the 4 pillars help us overcome the following idols among many,

Adorned for the people are the worldly pleasures, such as the women, having children, piles upon piles of gold and silver, trained horses, livestock, and crops. These are the materials of this world. A far better abode is reserved at GOD.

Concept, Method and Proofs

(Contact Prayer)
(Obligatory Charity)
Hajj & 'Umra