Ahmad Nishitoba, the messenger of God

Total Gematrical Value System

The Quake of America, 2020

The United Submitters Nation

The Five Pillars of Submission

Honey, the Only Cure

The Poets & Fake Realities

The Prophecy of The Quake  - 2022

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Satan and the Original Sin

The Jinns, Satan's messengers

The Corruption of religions

Satan's temporary kingdom

War on Satan

Deification of man                                       4/2005

Qur'anic Terrorism !                            7/2005

Reality VS Illusion                                        3/2005

Religion is evil ?                                         10/2004

Sexual Immorality                               2/2005

Coincidnces, are there any?                      9/2004

The end of Satan's respite on earth        5/2005


Monotheism, there is no god except God

Invitation; 1 God, 1 Book, 1 Religion

Submission, the only religion there is

Quran, the final scripture

God's signs I - All Creation

God's signs II - The Miracle of 19

"The moon has split", A Prophecy Fulfilled

The Gallopers & 911                                 10/2005

The Meek Will Inherit the Earth             10/2005

The Free Human Being

A New Free World                                     10/2005

Hope in God                                                  1/2005

Freedom is Submission to God alone   10/04


In 1974, God revealed to the world the numerical miracle of Quran through Rashad Khalifa.  Using the number 19; the numerical denominator of the quranic text, the messenger announced that the religion of "Submission" has been finally restored to its original form, purging out the deification of Mohamad and the following of man-made books of law named "Hadith".
Following this purification phase, another messenger by the name of Ahmad Nishitoba announced that the long awaited prophecy of the Kingdom of Heaven will soon be fulfilled,  The details of the prophecy can be found on this website, as for Rashad's message, you can find it available on many websites online in his "Authorized English Translation 
of  Quran" along with its 38 appendices